UPCOMING EVENT: Suicide Prevention Run 3/21/20

About two weeks ago I posted here that I needed help this last Sunday moving my furniture into storage. With the ROC spirit I had almost 12 bikers show up to help. The job was finished in no time.

ROC is a super group of men and women who not only reach out to the community but support and help their fellow Bikers.

I am one of this group. They have changed the way I see and respect my fellow man. If you ride or not and would enjoy meeting new people come to one of our meeting and get into the ROC family spirit.

                                                                               - Roger Stroede

For the last two years,  ROC has supported a toy run for City Care Inc., the non profit I work  for. We distribute these toys to a Head Start program in Westlawn  Gardens, formally Mulligan Flats, to children living at or below the  poverty level. We also donate toys to the Sanctuary, a homeless day  shelter for women and children, and Homeless Alliance for recently  housed families. Last year, with ROC's help, we collected more than 400  toys and books for children who might not have had  anything for Christmas. Thanks ROC! 

- Tait Spoonheim